Update v0.52

Update 0.52 is ready!

  • game improvements
  • setting and parameters adjustments
  • various bug fixes and more

Hope you like the new version!


- Synchronization of game data on Physics
- Adjustment of Player Ship shooting damage ranges
- Adjusting the Time Focus settings
- Ghost bomb modification and damage value
- Fixed the damage of the Cancel and calibration of sprites
- Adjustment of satellite missile damage ranges
- Adjustment of the life of the Boss
- Update of the spawn pattern
- Modification of Maniac Bullets
- Bullets pattern modified for rank A and B
- Some modified materials
- Player score name in 5 letters
- Statistics available in the options

- Setting the 6 performance choices on the game start interface
- Integration of the .bat for the passage in exclusive mode fullscreen useful for config low perfomances (low perf config)

- Correction of turrets synchronized by physics
- Fixed satellites that did not trigger after boss animation
- Fix satellites with complete reset
- Fix turrets of Boss in phase 3 (see with moveratedelay)
- The Player Ship only destroys type 1 foes on contact
- Boss parts are indestructible during Idle transition phases
- Reset of satellite rotations at the sync socket
- Tilt correction of the Player Ship on its lateral movements
- Collider Corrections (BigE / Boss) (now bigE can touch the Player Ship)
- Fixed activation of Mob entry and death collisions triggers
- Fixed bug drift of ship after replacement (dynamic kinematic causes a bug with timescale)
- Fix glitch replacement of the ship when the game resumes after a continue (gameover) with multiple buttons pushed
- Fixed windows continue bug that could reboot
- Fix bullet Cancel (multiple salvo) related to turrets that ended their ejection despite the death of the mob
- Ship speed correction after replacement (laser supported)
- Suppression of fire sounds and laser Player Ship loop on a break or gameover
- Adjust Real Time Timers active on a timescale 0 (pause and continue)
- Fixed bug loss of music after continuous
- Fixed bug of purple stars apparition on satellites with multiple buttons pushed via laser
- Fixed dash bug that activated the classic shot on the laser shot with multiple buttons pushed
- Fixed cooldown of the reusable dash to align and avoid encroaching on its execution time (5s exec -> cooldown to 6s (before 2s))
- Fix paused window if spam buttons
- Disable ship input during pause and gameover
- Disable the pause on the animation phases
- Disable the BoxCollider on the input animation of bigE (bug hit spawn)
- Fixed the hitbox + trail Player Ship that was still displayed after the animations (laser button pressed before triggering)
- The scoring window which could not be displayed due to a sync problem with the name entry
- Adjustment of the timers of triggers of the windows of end of stage
- Various corrections lot of other bug fixes..


Apr 13, 2019

Get GHOST 808 (Prototype v0.52)

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